(a)theological collective that seeks to move the story forward.


What story you ask?  The story of recovering believers everywhere.  Aren't we all in recovery from something we used to 'know?'  Something we believed or lived out or were told that was true?  Maybe recovery isn't quite the right word.  Maybe it is that we are 'post-belief.'  Let me explain what I mean... (click me)


Press Play to hear a word from founder, Maria Francesca French, on what No More Circles is all about.


Below are some tidbits about the sorts of thoughts that pass through my mind and heart as I think and dream about the kinds of conversation and dialog No More Circles was designed to be about. These are the kinds of questions we are trying to speak to. However, before we can speak to them, we have to have safe places to ask them. You will find that this is one such place.

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We are living in a time after time; a time of after. Grids and metrics are modes of modernity. Who and what will our god be after being put through the crucible of cultural imagination?


Thou shalt not mistake god for one’s own sense of nostalgia. Thou shalt not make god in the image of oneself.

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You may have to turn things upside down to even start to hear the whispers that you have been trying to track for so long.

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